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Biggest Loser: Sunrise Challenge



Biggest Loser Sunrise Challenge


UHA, one of Hawaii's leading health insurance companies, promotes healthy lifestyles and offers innovative health benefits to help people enjoy better health and a better life. By investing resources to improve the health and lives of its own employees, UHA hopes to have healthier, happier employees, and encourages other Hawaii companies to do the same.

Lasting lifestyle changes start by making a decision to take charge of your own health. Three UHA employer groups are ready to make positive changes and have boldly stepped forward to participate in the Biggest Loser Sunrise Challenge. Real people with real challenges, juggling multiple responsibilities. They have agreed to candidly share their stories to inspire others to also pursue better health.


A Word from UHA

"We are proud to create a Biggest Loser Challenge in Hawaii. Our company motto is "If we can, you can." Our featured clients recognize that wellness and prevention is the cornerstone to good health. We want to show that "if our customers can, so can everyone else." Achieving weight loss is more than just looking good. It's about taking control of your life and enjoying all that it has to offer. At UHA, we know that being healthy is hard to do alone, so that is why we are dedicated to helping people live happier and healthier lives. We hope others will join the journey to a healthier lifestyle because we know that there is nothing more important than your health."

Howard Lee

Biggest Loser: Sunrise Challenge
Which Team Will Lose the Most Pounds?

Hawaii companies compete in second annual 'The Biggest Loser: Sunrise Challenge
Meet the Contestants
October 15


Biggest Loser: Team Bowers + Kubota1st Weigh-In
1st Weigh-In
November 19


Cooking Healthy December 05Cooking Healthy
Cooking Healthy
December 05


2nd Weigh-In2nd Weigh-In
2nd Weigh-In
December 10


Biggest Loser: 3rd Weigh-In
3rd Weigh-In
January 14
Stay Tuned
Final Weigh-In
February 4


Team Leaderboard

  Bowers + Kubota Child & Family Service Lex Brodie's
Starting Weight 776 lbs 858 lbs 820 lbs
1st Weigh-In 746.4 lbs 807.6 lbs 785.6 lbs
2nd Weigh-In 741.4 lbs 799.2 lbs 752.8 lbs
3rd Weigh-In 707.8 lbs 779.4 lbs 750.4 lbs 
Final Weigh-In 741.4 lbs (-87.4 lbs) 799.2 lbs (-85.3 lbs) 752.8 lbs (-72.6 lbs)
Numbers in red text indicates pounds lost to date.

Meet the Teams and Trainer

The Teams

Bowers & Kubota Bowers + Kubota

Bowers + Kubota is an employee-owned kama'aina architectural/engineering firm based in Hawaii. A UHA client since 2012, they have been recognized for their work, including the 'Oihana Maika'i award from the Hawaii State Award of Excellence program.

Meet the Challengers
Child & Fmaily Services Child & Family Service

Child and Family Service, established as a private non-profit in 1899, offers over 30 programs in health and human services for Hawaii's families. A UHA client since 2008, they help address serious life issues by touching over 40,000 lives a year across the islands.

Meet the Challengers
Lex Brodie's Lex Brodie's Tires, Brakes, & Service Company

Lex Brodie's was the first company in the world to receive the International BBB Award for Excellence in Customer Care (Awarded in DC in 2011). A UHA client since 2009, they have built upon their founder's legacy for terrific customer service.

Meet the Challengers

The Trainers

CrossFit Kuleana Crossfit Kuleana

A strong partner in helping UHA integrate wellness into the workplace, Crossfit Kuleana customizes their fitness regime through education in the kitchen, workplace, home and gym.

Meet the Trainers

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