FAQs General Information for Providers

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A. Complete a Participating Provider Add Form and submit copies of the new physician's Hawaii State and Federal DEA licenses (if applicable). Please include the master vendor's TIN (Tax ID Number) and NPI (National Provider Identifier) number(s).

A. Complete the Existing Provider Change form to report changes in billing address.

A. The provider/physician fee schedule is updated every two years, based on the prior year's Medicare rates.

A. Complete the Existing Provider Change form to report changes in company name and/or Federal Tax ID number, along with an updated W-9 form. If both have changed, please contact Customer Services as you may have to sign a new Provider Agreement.

A. Yes. Send a request in writing and we will send you a new unique PIN number. Submit your request to:

UHA Contracting Services
700 Bishop Street, Suite 300
Honolulu, HI 96813-4100

Toll free fax: (866) 572-4383

Email: [email protected]

A. The patient co-pay for a physician office visit is listed on the member ID card. Currently the co-payments are:

UHA 3000 $12*
UHA 600 10% of the eligible charge**

*Insurance card should indicate if the co-payment is $12

**Tax on the physician office visit charge is not a covered benefit. The provider is responsible for calculating the tax portion based on the eligible charge. Co-payment amounts are subject to change without notice.

A. Online Claim status is now offered via Online Provider Services. For more information contact Customer Services at (808) 532-4000, or toll free at 1-800-458-4600 from the Neighbor Islands.

A. Yes. There are two ways to submit EDI claim submissions. A connection can be made directly to UHA as an 837 transaction or through the Hawaii Xchange online service. Click here to read more about each submission method.

A. Submit the Medicare Explanation of Benefit along with the claim form to UHA.