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University Health Alliance.

In 1996, a team of physician teachers from the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine formed an alliance to create a different kind of insurance company that would help foster the doctor-patient relationship. That company became the University Health Alliance, or UHA Health Insurance.

Our slogan derives from our foundation as a company dedicated to wellness and prevention. Our founding doctors knew that the best way to prevent many common diseases is to foster healthy habits – and offer regular screenings to catch illnesses at the earliest opportunity while they are still treatable. Back then, insurance companies charged patients for these preventative exams, resulting in fewer patients receiving them. UHA has long offered screening services as an included benefit for our members, because we know as well as anyone that if you have better health, you’ll have a better life.
It's actually a straightforward process. Here are the details:
1. You get a quote from us.
2. You agree to the quote and pay the first premium.
3. You enroll your employees.
4. We send the member ID cards to each of your employees.
That’s all there is to it!
Once you apply, our proposal will come back to you within a week. Enrollment times vary based upon your review time and the number of people in your employ. Your member ID cards will arrive 5 to 10 days later. Check out our Timeline.
Not everybody needs a nurse visit. But when your condition is being managed due to complication or serious diagnosis we come by and offer our help and advice.
It is an unfortunate fact of life in the current healthcare industry that costs tend to increase from year to year. That said, we’ve done our best over the last several years to keep our rates as low as possible, even as factors out of our control — such as the cost of prescription drugs — have gone up.
No. We offer business plans for companies of all sizes.
No. All of our plans allow you to choose from our extensive list of providers. No insurance company in Hawaii has a larger provider network than UHA’s.
Very secure. We consistently maintain at least double the state-required amount of financial reserves.
No, we don’t. All decisions on services requiring prior authorizations are made in-house, right here in Hawaii. This frequently results in shorter pre-authorization times.
All prior authorizations are done within two weeks. Online submissions take about a week, and urgent situations are handled within 72 hours.
Here's a partial list of some commonly used health coverage and medical terms.

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