Hepatitis A Facts: What You Should Know

Hepatitis A - The Facts

  • Hepatitis A is a contagious liver infection. See here for a list of the symptoms.
  • Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is totally different from other hepatitis illnesses. Most cases are mild, lasting 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Hepatitis A does not result in chronic infection – almost everyone recovers fully with lifelong immunity.


  • Wash hands frequently (HAV is usually transmitted by the fecal-oral route)
  • Get vaccinated - Immunization is generally a good idea and is covered 100% by UHA. We encourage vaccination, particularly for members at greatest risk of getting seriously ill from the disease, such as those with underlying liver disease or other serious health problems.
  • UHA is actively working to identify and help high risk members get immunized quickly. See here for a CDC list of groups recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

Getting Vaccinated

About the Hepatitis A vaccine

  • The vaccine is given in 2 shots, 6 months apart.
  • Protection begins approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the first injection. A second injection results in long-term protection.
  • Hepatitis A vaccine will only protect someone from Hepatitis A, not any other form of viral hepatitis (B or C).

Access: No barriers at UHA

  • UHA does not require a prescription for the Hepatitis A vaccine.
  • Members can get vaccinated at any UHA participating clinic, retail pharmacy within the Express Scripts network (e.g. Walgreens, Longs or Pharmacare) or doctor’s office.

Follow these Simple Steps:

  1. Search for a UHA-participating pharmacy* at: uhahealth.com/providers/search
    *It is recommended that members call ahead to assure the vaccine is available at a particular clinic or pharmacy before going there.
  2. Show your UHA member ID card at the participating pharmacy.
  3. Hepatitis A vaccines are covered at $0 co-pay for UHA members.

More Information:

Hawai'i Department of Health

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Download "Hepatitis A Facts: What You Should Know" (PDF)


Please call a UHA representative for further assistance:

532-4000 on Oahu, or 1-800-458-4600 from the neighbor islands.

532-4007 on Oahu, or 1-800-458-4600, extension 299 from the neighbor islands.

532-4000 extension 356 on Oahu, or 1-800-458-4600, extension 356, from the neighbor islands.