WEBINAR: The Mental Health Connection for Leaders

HEC Webninar

Watch as clinical consultant Heather Pierucki, UHA Medical Director Dr. Kathleen Kozak and workplace wellness consultant Michael Story, three Hawaii leaders in our medical care and wellness community discuss how leaders can care for themselves and their teams, while never losing sight of achieving the goals of the organization. Brought to you by UHA Health Insurance, Hawai‘i Health at Work Alliance, Hawaii Employers Council and Hawaii Business Magazine.


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Hawaii Leaders


Heather Pierucki, LHMC, QMHP

Discusses how to notice when employees may not be at their best, how to approach those conversations, and how to develop action plans with our teams to support and encourage each other. In recognizing that mental health challenges exist for each of us, this training will focus on how to identify these obstacles with our employees, take action, and create a safe space to work through those situations.

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Dr. Kathleen Kozak, M.D.
UHA Medical Director

Highlights how preventive mental health service can help individuals and address the topic from a clinical point of view.

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Michael Story
UHA Workplace Wellness Consultant

Shares mental wellness best practices for your workforce that are actionable, effective and easy to initiate and integrate into your wellness program. Hawai‘i Health at Work Alliance’s ([email protected]) goal is to help you create a holistic culture of well-being that supports emotional and mental health.

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Hawai’i Primary Care Association

For those without insurance, or are looking for low-cost options, the best connections are these listed Federally Qualified Health Centers in Hawai’i.

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For those without insurance, or are looking for low-cost options, this search tool will connect you to Federally Qualified Health Centers, nationally.

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State of Hawaii, Department of Health
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division provides timely and effective mental health prevention, assessment and treatment services to children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges, and their families.

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State of Hawaii, Department of Health
Adult Mental Health Division

The Adult Mental Health Division provides integrated mental health services for consumers with serious mental illness who are uninsured or underinsured, those who are court ordered for evaluation, care and custody to the Department of Health and individuals in crisis.

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Psychology Today

Search to find listings of psychologists, licensed mental health professionals and psychiatrists here in Hawaii. All listed professionals are licensed to provide Teletherapy via phone or video to clients within the State in which they hold their license.

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Hawai’i Psychological Association
For a Healthy Hawai’i

The Hawai'i Psychological Association provides listings of licensed psychologist or an HPA member mental health professionals.

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