Worklife Reimagined Series - Happy Employees = Happy Customers


Thursday, June 24. 2021
11am - 12pm

Want to guarantee customers love your brand? Start by ensuring your employees love their job! Learn why the employee experience is key to unlocking a winning customer experience that powers business growth.

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On June 24, we welcome Salesforce Chief Growth Evangelist and Hawaii-born and raised best-selling author Tiffani Bova who’ll tackle the hard topics head-on. She’s taking a straight-forward, front-line look at the mindset, strategies and tactics used to inspire innovation and develop an employee first, customer-centric organization capable of thinking forward and growing together now and in the future.

Building resilient teams and a company culture that promotes employee well-being may seem like a daunting task. However, connecting an entire organization to the needs of the employee and the customer is proven to:

  • Propel both employee and customer performance
  • Help businesses maximize retention and growth
  • Avoid a growth stall
  • Find innovative ways to better service existing clients
  • Reach more prospects

In addition to writing the best-selling book, “GROWTH IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business,” Bova has been a sales, marketing, and customer service executive for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. She was recognized as one of the first professionals to develop a robust go-to-market model for cloud-based solutions, and indirect channel strategies to accommodate changes in buying behavior. Her experience in sales, marketing, and innovation, as well as her forward-thinking insights continue to inspire businesses and individuals around the country.

Join UHA Health Insurance, in partnership with Hawaii Business Magazine and Hawaii Employers Council, for Happy Employees = Happy Customers with Chief Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova as she explains how creating a space for open vulnerability among employees transfers to the best possible customer experience and helps build more resilient and thriving teams. We’ll also be featuring local business leaders including Beth Whitehead from American Savings Bank and Micah Kāne from Hawaii Community Foundation for a Q&A session after the keynote presentation. Moderated by Michael Story, Senior Workplace Wellness Advisor at UHA Health Insurance, this free webinar will provide attendees with strategies to improve the customer and employee experience to drive business growth.

Don’t forget: This is just our second of four webinars in our Worklife Reimagined Series! Gallup’s Wellbeing at Work findings show that job satisfaction ranked #1 of 5 areas impacting an individual’s well-being, and managers are key in the process. Our next webinar on September 2 will discuss how managers impact 70% of the variance in employee engagement and are therefore key to keeping employees happy and well.