Live Well: Maintain a Healthy Life

How do you maintain a healthy life? These are huge impactors on a person’s health: Physical fitness and healthy body weight, smoking, and diabetes. Our lifestyle programs can help put you on the path to well-being.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs and Benefits

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers® Weight Loss Assistance

There is a way. The Weight Watchers® program is based on the science-backed SmartPoints® system – it encourages you to eat more fruits, veggies, lean protein, and less sugar and unhealthy fats. It really works.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking/Tobacco Cessation

If you've ever tried quitting tobacco, you know it's much easier said than done. UHA offers smoking cessation classes, prescribed medication, as well as nicotine replacement products to aid you in your efforts.

Prediabetes/Diabetes Prevention
Prediabetes/Diabetes Prevention

Many adults in Hawaii have prediabetes. Fortunately, prediabetes can be addressed and reversed before it develops into diabetes through exercise and healthy eating.

Active & Fit
Available Gym Membership

Active&Fit membership offers access to a variety of fitness options throughout the state like 24 Hour Fitness or YMCA for minimal fees.  Check with your employer if it's available to you.

Be Well: Prevent and Manage Illness

At UHA, our Be Well benefits and programs are especially designed to prevent and manage illness. After all, the best way to reduce down time, and health costs, is to not get sick at all – and to catch illness as early as possible.

Preventive Care Benefits

UHA health insurance plans include a free annual physical examination as well as a variety of tests to identify health risks – and to detect cancer and other conditions – with no co-payment, and no deductible! That’s basically no cost1 to you.

Office Visits & Screenings

Refer to your Medical Benefits Guide for more details and our complete list of benefits.

*All ACIP recommended
** Peripheral Dexa scan or Ultrasound of the heel

1 Additional taxes may be assessed by your provider’s office.

Chronic Condition Management

UHA provides education and expertise when it comes to managing chronic conditions – from nutritional counseling to Care Management Nurses – care that can make the difference in your quality of life.


Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in Hawaii. To help you take control over your asthma, we are offering an asthma management program as a covered benefit.

Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic Kidney Disease

Our collaboration with Aloha Kidney can give you the skills and information you need to help you manage or prevent chronic kidney disease.


Diabetes can be debilitating and deadly – but it’s very much manageable if you put in the time and effort. We offer several programs and resources to help.

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