Why UHA?

Compared with other companies, UHA delivers better value, better service and better care.

Better Value

We’re dedicated stewards of your premium dollars, and deliver maximum benefits and services to our members.

Better Service

As a smaller company we're more accessible. We're quick to respond when you need us.

Better Care

Because we’re physician-founded, we put the doctor patient relationship first.

Large Local Network

No health insurance company in Hawaii has a bigger state-wide network of medical providers.

Easier to Work With

From choosing the right plans to providing timely claim resolution, we make health insurance easier.

Local Company

We keep decisions about your medical care right here in Hawaii, not on the Mainland.

What to look for in a Health Plan

Before going with the big name, check out what other Hawaii health insurance companies have to offer.

Locally based decision-making. Believe it or not, some insurers with “Hawaii” in their name refer critical healthcare decisions to a committee on the Mainland. Make sure you choose an insurer that keeps those decisions here at home.

Network size. Not all provider networks are equal in size and scope. Check among the various insurers to find out whose networks include your favorite physicians, clinics and services.

Retention rate. You can learn a lot about an insurer by finding out how many people stick with them over time. A higher retention rate means happier customers.

Coverage vs. Copays. Health plans can be dizzyingly complex, what with copays, coverage, deductibles and premiums. Look for a company that offers simplified plans that meet all your needs.

Response time. How long does it take to get your claims resolved? When medical emergencies arise, you don’t want to be stuck with an insurer that prolongs the payment process.

Authorized services. How easy is it to get authorization for the services or procedures your doctor is requesting? Look for an insurer that includes physicians among its advisory panels to receive evidence-based decisions about the services you need.

Wellness. Since wellness and prevention are the twin cornerstones of good health, look for an insurer that offers wellness-focused programs in addition to covering preventive medical services in full.

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